On the train to Dieu Tri

When we were planning the trip many months back this part of the journey seemed a bit risky. Now it is just after 10pm and we are crammed in a small cabin in a rather old train that just left Saigon. The kids are still exhilarated but will probably fall asleep soon – not so sure about me as the upper left bunk has the felt length of 1m and the train wobbles like a rollercoaster. The trip so far reminds me of the train trips to southern Italy that I did with my parents 30 or so years ago … the ones who can relate know what I mean. Still, we love it.

Said that we spent the last four days in Ho Chi Minh City. We walked trough the inner city, checked the city von from a skyscraper and were constantly amazed by the traffic and the number of motorbikes jamming the streets. Other than that we visited the popular War Remnants Museum that documents the horrors of the Vietnam war. It makes you rather depressed to realize again what happened a few decades ago. The good thing was the large playroom so the kids had not to be exposed to the ‘very visual’ sections about the effects of the Agent Orange campaign.

We also did a motorbike tour for half a day after consulting the suitability for the kids. So one morning we were picked up by three nice girls of XO Tours – our drivers for the rest of the morning. The company employs only female drivers as they supposedly provide a safer drive. The boys seemed to like it. The tour was real fun and experiencing the traffic and driving style first hand is just impressing. Besides that we saw a few angles of Saigon that are a bit of the beaten track and received excellent explanations about everything. It was defintely a highlight of our stay in Ho Chi Minh City.

So… by the time the connection allows me to finish the post it is 6am and we got some very loud and very laughing neighbours. The train ride we survived … not much sleep though but I guess it does not mattter much.






One thought on “On the train to Dieu Tri

  1. Lieber Enzo, liebe Familie Nicolodi
    So schöne Eure Bilder…. man sieht, dass es Euch gut geht. 🙂
    Vielen Dank für die Karte Enzo, die Kinder sind beeindruckt von der Schlangenhaut.
    Sie fragen sehr viel nach dir und freuen sich, wenn du wieder kommst.

    Geniesst weiterhin euer Abenteuer und bis bald
    Theres Noger

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