Epilogue of a memorable trip

We been on the road now for almost 12 weeks and in a few hours we will be sitting in a plane headed home. Thus, as we were passing the ministry of statics yesterday, I thought it might be interesting to share some stats&facts about our trip (beware: no pics in this blog).

1. Transport

We used airplanes (9 flights), trains (twice in Vietnam), cars (taxis of every size extensively and drove a car in Sarawak), motorbikes (rented twice: Myanmar, Vietnam), ships (twice: Myanmar, Vietnam), buses and bicycles (once in Vietnam). We can safely say that the five of us have mastered most methods of transport and our kids have had no problems with any of it. We were a bit scared of flying with three kids – now it is (almost & hopefully for the next 24h) a piece of cake.

1b. Transport of Rino

Before the trip we have often discussed ‘child carrier vs. stroller’ and went for our Deuter child carrier and a light sling. Perfect decision – no chance for a stroller in any city other than maybe in Singapore.

2. Distances

However, we mostly used our feet and my Garmin App tells me that I have done 960’000 steps and covered a distance of 890km! Record of 28’000 steps and 24km covered on march 21st while trekking in Kalaw.

3. Health

I would have bet quite a sum against anyone willing that we would get some food sickness and most probably get also some other bugs along the road. Now, that is probably the most astonishing facts: no food sickness or poisoning for any of us and we have tried basically everything from food stalls on the street, fast food and high end cuisine. We have eaten fresh fruits and vegetables basically everyday and we have probably never had so much ice (iced coffee, fresh juices, fresh ice cream) as in Vietnam. Additionally to that, no other health issues whatsoever over the whole period for any of us. Other than some bruises, scratches or blisters we all were perfectly fit all the time.

4. Safety

We got not robbed, nothing was stolen from us and we felt safe in every place we have been during the day and night. Sarawak, Myanmar and Vietnam are in our opinion all very very safe places to travel for families.

5. Food

We loved the food in every place we have been. We got really spoiled during our home-stay in Sarawak, loved the variety and originality of the Burmese cuisine and, finally, seafood-seafood and again seafood in Vietnam! From time to time we did our kids (and myself) a favor and tried some Pizza&Pasta and were not disappointed. The price for best pizza goes to red house in Kalaw. Favourite restaurants overall: Hanoi Garden in Hanoi and The Moon in Bagan.

6. Accomodation

We stayed at 16 different places. We used Airbnb in Singapore, had an excellent home-stay for two weeks in Sarawak and then stayed in more or less better hotels as well as in B&Bs. Whenever possible we stayed all in one room, but sometimes had to split up the group.

7. People

We met friendly people all-over. However, we will keep in mind the friendliness and the many many smiling faces of the people in Myanmar wherever we went, but especially in markets and poorer neighborhoods with no or less foreign visitors.

8. Highlights

-Kids and landscape in Yenangyaung

-Pandan beach in Sarawak

-Waterfall trail in Kuba national park

-Elephant camp in Kalaw

-Fairy caves Sarawak

-DMZ tour in Dong Ha 

-Bike-riding in Bagan




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