Life’s a beach

The last ten days have been quite un-eventful and relaxed. Beachlife as it’s meant to be…swimming, sun-bathing (incl. sun-burn for me), lots of reading and playing around, eating & drinking. After recovering from the night train trip from Saigon, we spent a few days in a small (really small!) village south of Qui Nhon. Bai Xep is a little fishermen village that consists of a few houses, two beaches and two backpacker hostels. The few basic rooms are literally placed on the beach and we had the “luxury” of a separate family room. In the five days we stayed in Bai Xep we met a few fellow travellers and got to know the friendly staff from The Haven – our stay in Bai Xep. The boys had fun running around the ground and playing on the beach. However, no bathing by themselves as the sea was too rough and the waves simply to large. Still, we had a lot of fun building pools on the beach and pirate ships with sea wood and trash. We also really enjoyed some excellent food (on the beach), watched the fishermen do their work and got lulled by the constant sound of the South China Sea.

At some point we felt like moving on and by train we travelled north to Danang. The train ride took us five hours and we passed nice spots all along the coast. From Danang we had previously organized a transfer to a nice resort near Hoi An, which we are now enjoying since almost a week. In the beginnning the change from Bai Xep and our travelling mode was quite a shock … many many tourists and the classic resort environment with all the advantages and disadvantages. But after settling in we now all enjoy the fabulous, huge pool on the sea and getting pampered a bit. The kids have some time in their own in the kids club and Alex and I test the modern fitness room. We already have visited Hoi An two times which has a very characteristic old town. However, it is overrun with masses of tourists and locals that want to sell you stuff, boat rides and so on. A bit too much for us and it makes us miss the relative easiness of Myanmar. In Hoi An we higly recommend Mr. Hui’s foodstall at bit outside of town – excellent and fresh food!

The vacationing will end in two days. We will then move up north, visit the demilitarized zone and then fly to Hanoi.

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