A (half) day @the beach …

… in Rambungan (Sarawak, Borneo).

After visiting the Matang Wildlife Centre for Orang-Utans in the morning we followed the advice our host Adrian @TheKebun and went for the nearby beach to cool-off.

Having roughly 10-15km of deserted beach totally for yourself is impressive, awkard, surreal … but mainly just very relaxing in a special kind of way. We enjoyed every second, nobody was bored and we just killed the time doing simply nothing … ok…except building sand castles and fighting imaginary pirates (Enzo, Diego), sleeping (Rino), searching for mussels and organizing crab races (Alex) .

A wonderful day ended with a fishing lesson @TheKebun, an excellent meal (yes with fish but not our catch…) by our hosts and a beer on our stunning veranda.

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