Beastly Borneo: from Ant to …

It is well known that Borneo’s rainforest is one of the most biodiverse habitat on earth (under severe threat from the timber and palm oil business). From different perspectives we have so far seen quite a lot of animals … a few to remember:

1. on the Serikin jungle market near the border of Indonesia we have seen quite a lot of dead and living animals used for medical purposes (lizard oil for a variety of skin deseases, leech treatments for wound infection etc). However, we did not feel the urge to try. Give me a ring if you need something…    🙂

2. we also visited the Bau Fairy Caves which are really worth a visit. They also host a very large population of bats.

3. we had a surprising encounter with a large lizard (varan 1,5 – 2m) a few days ago – quite an impressive animal. Luckily, the guy was peaceful. He was basically walking few meters from our spot and disappeared in the jungle…no time for a selfie.

4. speaking of the jungle: a lot of sounds, but no bigger animal sightings during our trails. However, a lot of ants – in particular armies of red ants and impressively huge solitary ants.


5. today, we really had a highlight when we visited the Semenggoh Nature Reserve for Orang-Utans. We were lucky and could watch an older mother with her baby during their feeding. After that we decided for more pre-historic animals and visited Jong’s Crocodile breeding farm that hosts hundreds of crocs. Very well done in our opinion.


6. @The Kebun we currently live with 11 dogs, a few dozen ducks, turkeys, chickens as well as a few gooses and different fishes.


7. point 6 brings me to the nurture: foodwise we are being pampered everyday by Jeneill with new dishes. We get fresh eggs, bread and different fruits everyday from the farm and for dinner we are surprised with delicious local specialties – yesterday Jelly Fish….

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