Why I now use IRing …

… or how a bad monday ended exceptionally well.

This morning we decided that have our laundry done and instead of spending USD 4 for each shirt (hotel price) we found that the external laundry charges 4000 Kyat (USD 3) for the whole laundry and supposedly delivers to your hotel (Magic Wash Yangon).

We then took a cab directly to the Yangon Main Railway Station to do the Circular Train (discarded japanese metro from the 50ies) . The tour with the train gives an excellent impression and insight of the people, the living and townships outside Yangon as you get to talk with people while on the train… and with our boys we were again quite an attraction. That’s when it happened … I managed to lose my phone in the cab! As we have basically all our travel information, bookings, access data, Swisscom Sim etc etc etc on the phone, you can imagine that I was a little bit stressed out. We luckily had the number of my Myanmar Sim that I had bought yesterday and called with Alex’s Phone, but no answer in the first dozen attempts. We then wrote some SMS indicating our hotel and proposing a finder fee but mentally I was already devising plan B (buy a new phone)… and then finally somebody picked up. Somehow we got to an understanding that the cab driver would bring the phone to the hotel . However, we were still on the circular train doing our 3h round-trip. As the kids were getting tired in the heat and I wanted to get to my phone asap, we decided to get out at some out-of-town station and get a taxi back to the city… second big mistake of the day. Well – we got back … but let me say that driving trough the townships was quite an adventure and one that can be missed. When we finally got back to our hotel the taxi driver was there and we exchanged phone for a generous finder fee and everybody was really really happy. So now I have an IRing attached to my phone cover that with a lanyard is attached to my shorts – does not look stylish but does the trick.

After recovering from the morning events we decided to visit Shwedagon pagoda which is one of the most impressive buildings that I have ever seen. We spent a few hours there wandering through the many structures and observing the masses strolling around, monks praying or taking pictures of us or with Rino. After a long day we had a delicious Burmese dinner with our friend in town.

So tomorrow we will see im Magic Wash actually delivers or we end up with IRings on our shirts and pants.


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